Slimming tea, quick weight loss


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fast fat burner tea. this tea allows you to burn the fat in your body that you can’t get rid of. without side effects and without added preservatives.

Make this tea your routine.

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Quick slimming tea weight loss For Weight Loss

Product Name Fit tea 28 day slimming tea
Main Ingredient Senna leaf,green tea,Cassia seed,lotus leaf,Fiveleaf Gynostemma,Honeysuckle Flower,Hawthorn Fruits,Honey(flavourant)
Function Thin body weight loss
Packing Tea+filter paper bag + plastic envelop+bag+carton
Storage keep in a dry or cool place in normal temperature.

What’s Slimming tea ?

Its principle is the aromatic compound that contains in tea can dissolve adipose, change turbidities to go greasy can prevent adipose accumulate inside body.

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main ingreadient

Senna leaf: Dryness and dampness invigorate the spleen, heat clearing and detoxification, astringency and diarrhea, astringency and hemostasis

green tea: Refreshing, diuretic, relieve fatigue, anti – aging

Cassia seed:It has the effect of clearing heat and brightening eyes, moistening bowel and constipation.Indications: sore eyes, shame, tears,dark eyes, headache, dizziness, constipation.

lotus leaf:Clear heat wet, rise clear Yang, cool blood stanching.Lotus leaf charcoal has the effect of astringency removing stasis and hemostasis.

Fiveleaf Gynostemma:Lower blood fat and cholesterol

Honeysuckle Flower:Clear heat and detoxify, reduce fat

Hawthorn Fruits:Spleen and stomach, digestion, scattered blood stasis.It is applicable to hypertension, coronary heart disease, angina pectoris, hyperlipidemia and food accumulation stagnation, abdominal pain, diarrhea, children’s milk.

Honey(flavourant):Fill in benefit qi, embellish dry cough, embellish bowel to aperient, detoxify

          Applicable people

  1. People who take diet pills but have no effect;

    2. People who don’t want to lose weight through exercise or surgery but want to lose weight safely;

    3. People who need to lose weight locally, such as those who are not satisfied with the waist, abdomen, leg and other parts;

    4. Bride-to-be and movie stars who want to lose weight quickly in a short period of time.


1.ulcer patient is unfavorable drink reduce weight tea

  1. to the holiday should not drink diet tea

  2. lactation period unfavorable drink reduce weight tea

4.hollow unfavorable drink reduce weight tea

5.pregnant women should not drink diet tea

6.after having a fever unfavorable drink reduce weight tea


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Slimming tea, quick weight loss


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